Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Watch list for week of 5-30-06

Sorry this post is about 10 hours later than normal, my internet went out last night so I could not finish my weekend market study until this morning. It looks like we are in the middle of the rally attempt I suspected we would be last week, so my analysis has not changed. If this rally stinks, I will begin shorting weak stocks. As for now, I am keeping only my outperforming stocks.

Here are the highlights from my market homework software this weekend:


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Maverick said...

Hey Jon,

Long time no see. I hope you still visit our site. We miss your great insights.

Anyway, funny that NSSC appeared on your charting software at the perfect time.

I had mentioned it at this point on my blog,

Char request for NSSC

I think it has great potential and held up well in a bad market today!

At 12:53 AM, Blogger jontait said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I read your analysis on NSSC and agree with it completely:

"... even though the 50-DMA is a nice support point, I would only use it to start an initial position incase NSSC rebounds strongly from here."

That is pretty much how I would play it if I were to go long in NSSC.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Mav said...


Thanks for you reply. Please do visit my blog often as you used to! You are a great asset to this market.

Have a good day!


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