Monday, February 20, 2006

Watch list for week of 2-20-06

Here are the highlights of my market homework software this weekend:

Some of those stocks are near new highs, but most of them look like they might be trend reversals where the stock has been below its 50 day SMA for a long time and has recently been able to hold its ground above it. The most interesting chart in my opinion is the first one, RURL. RURL is consolidating near multi-year highs, and is towards the end of a triple cup base on its daily chart. I don't know if RURL will break out or not, but it is one of my favorite chart patterns to trade because support and resistance in the pattern are so obvious.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Chris Perruna said...

The chart reminds me of TRLG (in a way). They both have very tight trading ranges over an extended period of time when viewing the weekly charts. TRLG broke out to the upside so we will see what this stock can do.

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