Monday, December 12, 2005

Watch list for week of 12-12-05

The naz has broken out of its range on its weekly chart. Could this be a trap to suck in the last buyers? I don't bet that way. I'm long for the uptrend. I love how the market has a huge "wall of worry" to climb right now. The higher we climb, the louder people will scream too :D

Last Friday I initiated a position in a stock that my homework software has been alerting me to for a while, NUVA. You will see it mentioned a few times in this blog's archives over the past month. The weekly close above its upper-channel resistance line is a buy signal for me. The trade is virtually identical to one I put on a little over a month ago in LKQX. I'm still carrying the LKQX position. I hope it is obvious after looking at both of those charts why I put the trades on. Of course I'm carrying other positions too. I started buying stuff in October just like everybody else, the difference is that lately I'm net long instead of net short like I was in October.

Here are the highlights from my market homework software this weekend:

Here is a tangent for anybody who is bored or otherwise interested. I have found the most amazing radio station ever to have been conceived: RADIO NIGEL! The best part is that it is a streaming internet radio station, so it is free and available to everybody. The link for listening in can be found on the top-left corner of their page. It used to be that I just watched cartoon network all night (at my computer of course), but now I do cartoon network AND radio nigel at the same time!


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