Friday, August 26, 2005

VLFG back on the radar

VLFG back on the radar. The software spit this one out tonight and I thought it looked good enough to make a blog post about. I may or may not buy at the points drawn in green on the chart, it depends on how strong the nasdaq composite looks and the behavior of VLFG. Other notable charts to check out: FOXH, SYNX.

An old friend of mine called me up out of the blue last night to talk about how to trade stocks. He came over around 7 PM and we got some Taco Bell. By the time we realized it was late, it was 4:30 AM and we had run the gamut about the stock market. I didn't get to bed until 5:00 AM, and got back up around 7:30 AM this morning... So I've got to get some sleep! We had a great time though and I would do it all over again without a second thought. I really enjoy talking with intelligent people about the markets even though I know in the back of my mind that some of them will be net losers.

One last thing though, the Nasdaq composite is right on its 50-day moving average and looks like its ready to make a significant move up or down any day now. I'm fairly well hedged, carrying some longs and some shorts so we'll see which positions I get to fold out and which ones I get to stack the chips on soon. Over the past couple days I closed out PACT (long) and BMHC (short) for losses, so I'm feeling like anything can happen. So tired... maybe those Budweisers tonite were a mistake...


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