Friday, May 20, 2005

Playbook for 5-20-05

All of these are long candidates except SBUX, which could go either way.

DPZ $21.67 - Huge breakout from a saucer with high-handle pattern. DPZ has IPO'ed within the last year and is on a tear in blue skies. A buy off the 10-day moving average is low-risk. DPZ has been featured on the website of one of my mentors, market stock watch

MSCC $19.84 - Sits on top of a beautiful base, but is extended. A buy off of the 10-day moving average might be profitable.

UPCS $7.35 - Nearing the end of a beautiful base. Watch for a breakout. Buying now is low risk as long as it stays above 10-day moving average.

CBG $37.22 - Huge volume breakout above its upper-channel line today. CBG will probably pause when it tests its 52-week highs. This will be a good opportunity to observe how it reacts and may set up a buy opportunity. CBG has been featured on the website of one of my mentors, market stock watch

CYD $11.10 - traderhr free swing trade pick of the day. CYD will probably launch above its upper-channel line tomorrow. CYD has a lot of overhead resistance, notably at $12.50. CYD was featured tonite on the knight trader.

AIRT $16.01 - Set up to break out above upper-channel line. Lots of overhead resistance.

CVO $7.17 - Nearing 50 day moving average, but no discernable pattern.

ANTP $18.86 - Testing resistance at $20. Might make an island bottom. Volume pattern is constructive.

TZOO $29.30 - Might short squeeze. An "island bottom" is possible here. Lots of overhead resistance.

SBUX $55.08 - Testing recent high near $55. May roll over and make a good short.


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