Friday, December 17, 2004

Important message from Bill Cara AKA Trader Wizard

Yesterday I quoted Bill Cara and linked back to his Trader Wizard blog. Unfortunately, as of this morning, the TraderWizard site is down. I spoke with Mr. Cara earlier today about the site outage and he asked me to pass this message along:

  • Hi TW Networkers,
    The Trader Wizard is going to take a holiday. For business reasons, the web site has been shut down. Readers can reach me directly at

    When I return, in January, I will have a different style blog, and maybe even a new name.

    In the next few weeks, in addition to enjoying the holidays with my family, I will be hard at work at a number of things:

    to build an investment fund for the China projects of Michael Wong

    to finish my book draft "Say No! to Wall Street"

    to consult to the credit union system in North America

    to build my automated buy or sell decision models

    to consider how I might improve my web presence with a new website and blog.

    After the Dow passed north of 10,400, I felt that equity markets entered a zone of rampant speculation, where risk/reward ratios became unreasonable. In that scenario, I feel it is best to step back and take a deep breath.

    So maybe my readers might think it wise to consider doing the same.

    Seasons greetings, and see you soon…

    Bill Cara

    For the Trader Wizard


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