Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Some stocks leading the market higher

Here is a far from complete list of tradable stocks that have been leading the market higher. Liquidity is a big deal with a list like this, so average daily volume in the millions and small bid-ask spreads are important. I have fairly new positions in the first four stocks listed.

TZOO (bought this morning at $86.91)
GOOG (bought at $176.54)
AAPL (bought at $65.28)
SYNA (bought at $34.25)

A couple of smaller stocks worth watching:


I see AAPL and AMD as playing the role that RIMM played in '03's bull. These 9 stocks are the only stocks I am paying much attention to right now because it is so easy to make all the money you could hope to make by piggy-backing on the institutions gobbling them up for fear of missing the bull.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger gunzour said...

Wow... TZOO has had quite a year!


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